Last week, we reported on a recent visit by pupils from Rosemount Primary School to a residential care home in their neighbourhood.

Connecting communities

Taking the theme of connecting communities, the children visited residents at Brooklands Edenballymore Lodge. They shared a poem, helped residents to create images of themselves, chatted, and sang. 

Back at school, the children created a garland of paper dolls representing their new friends at Brooklands Edenballymore Lodge.

For their part, the residents provided some feedback on the visit, which the children incorporated into their work. 


Sinead Devine, project officer for older people at Verbal, is delighted with the feedback on the visit.

'Residents in care homes love to meet with children. It gives them a real sense of connectedness and broadens their relationships with people', she says. 

'The children also benefit from listening to the stories and experiences of residents'.

Intergenerational Reading Rooms

Sinead encourages intergenerational Reading Rooms as part of her work funded by the Henry Smith Charity. 'They are a really important way for communities and care homes to connect with each other, and they are great fun.'

See for yourself

The photographs below speak for themselves.

Thank you to the children and residents for creating this valuable shared experience. 

Paper doll garland of older people

  The children make you feel young. I love arts and crafts too  I liked listening to the stories. I loved talking to the children

  They are so pleasant. Lovely children. Great company. I liked sums at school the best.