Sinead Devine,Project officer for older people, visited Rosemount Primary School to introduce the idea of ‘connecting to the community’.

The children are due to visit Brooklands, a local residential care home close to their school.

Part of the community

At school, the children are exploring what it means to be part of a community as part of their religious education studies.

At the introductory session we read John Donne’s poem ‘No Man is an Island’ together. The children were amazed that it was a poem from the 1600’s.

We did an exercise where we placed ourselves in the centre of our communities and looked at community life in terms of place, practice, and interests.

We talked about communities where people come together to act for change, and those where people are brought together by circumstance.

Avas drawing of her school and local care homeWe agreed on the importance of people connecting to each other face-to-face. This is the focus of the upcoming visit to Brooklands.

Preparing for Brooklands

The children will make paper doll chains representing themselves. They will help residents at Brooklands to make paper doll chains to bring back to school.

We will read 'People need People' by Benjamin Zephaniah.