Abridged issue 0-52 Contagion is now available to read online

Imagine the worst. Then Tweet about it. The new intimacy.

‘A touch/A sore touch’ Irish euphemism for telling off someone angrily.

D’you get scared to feel so much? To let somebody touch you? So hot, so cold, so far so out of control. Hard to come by, and harder to hold. (Andrew Eldritch)

Abridged explores when intimacy goes wrong. When uncertainty becomes conspiracy. When imagination and intimacy mutate to destroy the self and the society. When Cupid and the Green Eyed Monster are one and the same. When love is Love. When a touch can kill.

Image by Aaron Hardin: ‘Snake’ from ‘The 13th Spring’ series. http://www.aaronhardinphoto.com/