We were delighted to welcome some of our Reading Rooms volunteers to the Verbal Arts Centre on Tuesday.

Thank you

To mark Volunteers' Week, we wanted to say thank you for the incredible work our volunteers do to help us deliver the Reading Rooms element of our projects.

Volunteers sharing experiences

Being a Reading Rooms volunteer

What is it really like to be a Reading rooms volunteer? Here are just some of the experiences our volunteers shared.

Sean, who leads a group at Ulster University:

I have seen my own confidence grow the more I deliver Reading Rooms. 

Jane, who leads a group in Park:

After reading a story about a child from India trying to adjust to life in the UK, one of my participants described being sent to live in the Gaelteacht when her parents died. I loved that she was able to share that story with the group.

Margaret, who visits a school:

The girl I do a one-to-one session with read four lines with me this week. I am so happy.

Volunteers drawing   Volunteers drawing


Our session ended with lunch and a magnificent book cake, created by Charlie Harkin (our own Claire Harkin's Dad)

Volunteer Thank You cake