It’s mental health awareness week

We are all aware of our physical health and tune in when something doesn’t ‘feel right’.

But we don’t often think of our mental health and well being in the same way.

If someone talks about feeling low, or feeling anxious, or feeling stressed, they can be met with responses that are unhelpful.

‘Pull yourself together’. ‘What have you got to be feeling low about?’

Reading Rooms and mental health

In our Reading Rooms this week, let’s focus on our mental health. How can we look after it?

We might allow the stories and poems to wash our cares away for an hour.

Or we could look at the things that trigger and relieve stress in the literary characters we are reading about.

What causes stress in our own lives? How do we deal with it? What gives us peace?

What techniques do we use to reduce stress in ourselves and in others?

This week, let’s be mindful of each other’s mental health.