Tulca and Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture present: 'Nothing To Look Forward To But The Past' curated by Gregory McCartney.

Check out the exhibition here

The original ‘Nothing to Look Forward to But The Past’ was written before the Covid-19 Pandemic, but it somewhat eerily articulates the sudden change in everyday life and behaviour which the virus has caused to reassess.

It was in a sense the sequel to (the also prophetic in light of recent events) ‘What Became of the People We used to Be?’ the title of TULCA 2012 and is a continuation of the Abridged obsession with actual and metaphorical viruses with recent issues have the titles Contagion and Relapse.

This re-imagining of the project sees the exhibition and publication element move online to the ABRIDGED website 

New work commissions include artist Belfast based artist Stuart Cairns and Nadege Meriau, a French, London based artist.

Speaking about the exhibition, Gregory McCartney said: “The online exhibition/publication explores through abstraction and metaphor the fragility of our times, our society and indeed ourselves.  We are not separate from nature. We cannot theme-park it and hope it behaves itself. We cannot make it human. The wolves are always at the door. The Earth isn’t a mother. Or a she. It doesn’t care. If we aren’t careful it will devour us.”

He continued: “The Covid – 19 pandemic reinforced and changed the nature not only of the project but of everything. More artists, essayists and poets were added and the scope was widened out to also investigate our relationship with both our concepts of history and the here and now. This is a time for mythmaking and for history as myth instead of fact.”

Gregory added: “Thanks to TULCA for the invite to participate in the project and to Galway2020 and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland for their support. Thanks go to all the participating artists, essayists and poets. And to Susanna Galbraith of Abridged. Appreciation goes to Verbal for their valued support of Abridged.”

The print edition of Nothing To Look Forward To From The Past, edited by Susanna Galbraith is available from Abridged on request for the price of postage. Email [email protected].

Featured Image by Stuart Cairns.