Poem of the week is by Jim McElroy called 'Bringing Home The Sheep' and is featured in the latest edition of the Honest Ulsterman.

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Bringing Home The Sheep

The sheep hug the cobbled shuck,

swords of sleet slash the sheiling,

I see his breath sworl smoke,

grass blades frost up like knives,

white sheaths.

He whistles in the wind, yells ‘go by’ -

his collie tiptoes wide arcs,

heads off strays,

shrill whistles split the glen,

kelpie eyes flick, loose sheep tighten,

hug the hedge;

the quilted mass edge

towards the gap, marked ewes

nudge past whin, briar -

thorns, barbed wire prickle,

block my view - I kick the gravel edge,

grit flicks,

the crushed wool wedge moves

down the hillside, queued sheep squeeze

through the gap

onto my gravel;

I hear his soft whistle,

                         head-up sheep

                                     prance past,

granite pillars rise, 

                              hawthorns wave;

we filter into his magnetic field.