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Verba's Reading Roomsl and My Home Life came together in April to deliver the seminar.

Connecting care homes to their communities: Helping residents connect with places, people, and passions

Finding that balance

The seminar opened with a group exercise where participants addressed two key questions:

What is uppermost in your mind regarding care for older people in care homes?

What works well in care homes when thinking about community engagement

This was an excellent way to focus minds on the critical balance between providing care and providing quality of life for care home residents. 

The speakers

Tom Owen from My Home Life discussed quality of life in care homes and, most importantly, how to deliver it.

Tom Owen     Tom Owen speaking at seminar

Professor Assumpta Ryan and Sarah Penney addressed the Leadership and Practice Development Programme at Ulster University.

Prof. Assumpta Ryan at seminar     Sarah Penney with care home manager

Jennifer Lindfield from My Home Life leads Care Home Friends and Neighbours (FaNs) which focuses on community engagement in care homes.

Sinead Devine leads Reading Rooms for older people at Verbal and described working with volunteers to deliver Reading Rooms in care homes across Northern Ireland.

Assumpta Ryan with Jen Lindfield     Sinead Devine at Seminar

Until next time

The seminar ended with Unfolding Stories, emphasising an exciting future for connecting care homes with their communities.   

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