Sadie and Andy at Owen MoreA big thank you to all our Reading Rooms participants and volunteers who delved into the world of contemporary Irish poetry (and some classics) on April 26, Poetry Day Ireland.

Older people

Sinead Devine was moved by the ability of older people living at Seven Oaks Housing with Care to recite poetry they had learned at school.

While residents and families at Owen Mor Care Centre were eager to explore new poems.

Children and young people

First Act Youth Theatre got in on the act too by taking the pocket poems into their rehearsal space.

Pupils at St Brigid's College took part in reading the poetry surprises aloud.

Our Pathways group in Belfast struck a pose with their pocket poems.

First Act Youth Theatre       Pocket poem, Postscript by Seamus Heaney      Pupil at St Brigids College     Pathways with pocket poems

Lagan Online

Lagan Online went one step better and invited budding poets to submit a five-line poem using a synonym for 'Surprise'. Read the best quintains here

We look forward to next year.