Aoife Rogers and James Kerr recently welcomed Helen Killingly and Thomas Copeland from Spirit of 2012 to the Verbal Arts Centre. Aoife is project officer for Beyond the Walls, a Reading Rooms project funded by Spirit of 2012, that works with young ex-offenders.

Working with partners

Helen and Thomas met with our programme partners, the Probation Board of Northern Ireland, the Simon Commity NI, and the Western Health and Social Care Trust's 16+ Pathways Team.

The Reading Rooms experienceSpirit Reading Rooms at Verbal Arts Centre

The visit concluded with an immersive Reading Rooms experience. Our young participants are growing in confidence and developing the skills to transform their lives.

By sharing insights in the literature and relating them to their own lives, participants learn how to reflect on their experiences.

Thanks to all who took part with such enthusiasm. We had a great day together.