Two members of our staff are leading the way in creating a more ‘Autism friendly environment’ here at Verbal. 

Verbal is now a recognised Autism Friendly Centre thanks to our ‘Autism Champions,’ Stephanie Houston and Rose Morrison who recently achieved an Autism Impact Award from Northern Ireland’s leading autism charity, Autism NI. 

Rose, our administrative assistant, along with Stephanie, our volunteer co-ordinator with the Every Story Matters Project, attained the award on Verbal’s behalf after completing an Autism Awareness training course in August.

As part of the course, Stephanie and Rose developed an action plan to ensure that we can confidently welcome individuals living with the daily challenges of autism into our centre. 

As part of their action plan, our ‘Autism Champions’ also drafted a ‘Before you Visit’ booklet which offers additional accessibility advice for visitors to Verbal. 

They have also designated a quiet space within our centre for any visitors to avail of during their visit.  

Speaking after receiving their Autism Impact Award, Stephanie and Rose said they were ‘over the moon.’ 

They added: “Verbal has always been a very welcoming place for visitors, but we are absolutely delighted that our place of work is now a recognised Autism Friendly Centre.  

“We look forward to welcoming all visitors through our doors especially anyone living with the challenges of autism,” they said.