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This year Spirit of 2012, the Olympic legacy charity, is partnering with the Jo Cox Foundation to celebrate the Great Get Together from 21st – 23rd June. 

Get together at Verbal

Here in Derry/Londonderry there will be a Spirit/Great Get Together on Friday 21st June at 11am at Verbal. All are welcome to join us. This is one of 32 Get Togethers that Spirit of 2012 has funded throughout the UK. 

Legacy of Jo Cox

Spirit of 2012  and Verbal share Jo Cox’s belief that we have more in common than we think with our neighbours, our colleagues and our communities.  

Spirit of 2012 Chief Executive, Debbie Lye, explains: 

“We are delighted to be part of this year’s Great Get Together event, as we and our partners believe in the power of community events and sharing what we have in common to build stronger bonds, and happier neighbourhoods. We’re delighted to be joining with the Jo Cox Foundation to host Great Get Togethers across the country and have no doubt that all our events will harness a spirit of togetherness to unite different faiths, ethnicities and ages in a moment of celebration and smiles.”

Donation to Jo Cox Foundation

Spirit has donated £20,000 to the Jo Cox Foundation, to support the production of in-depth and engaging video profiles of organisers and communities who have already taken part in a Great Get Together event. The idea is to develop a framework for storytelling that will empower local organisers to tell their own unique stories, helping strengthen bonds and embed a legacy of more connected, happier communities.  

Catherine Anderson, CEO of the Jo Cox Foundation, says:

“We are especially excited about this collaboration with Spirit of 2012 because we share so many values – around tolerance, community, cohesion, and compassion. 

“It’s brilliant to have Spirit’s support, especially as it helps us to tell the compelling story of the Great Get Together and its immense power to bridge divides, harness optimism and inspire action in communities all over the country."

Come and join us

Drop in at Verbal on Friday morning at 11 for some storytelling, conversation and laughter. We'll provide the tea and sandwiches.