This week we had a visit from pupils and teachers from Max Planck Gymnasium, Saarlouis, Germany. They are currently based at the Inch House Irish Studies Centre in Inishowen, Donegal.

Verbal's Susanne Stich hosted the group who learned about our programmes and the broader context of peace and reconciliation, and mental health and wellbeing.

The privilege of reading

In the context of the Reading Rooms programme, Susanne talked about reaching people who are not necessarily used to reading. These audiences often perceive reading as an activity for the privileged, rather than something anyone can enjoy. Susanne pointed out how reading can open doors into new worlds and possibilities, as well as enhancing health and wellbeing.

Students at VerbalThe privilege of education

The teacher then spoke to the group about how they might indeed be privileged as grammar school students, having free access to education. The group were surprised by this perspective, and became animated by the theme of privilege. Some pointed out that you don't realise you have privileges until they are taken away, or perhaps you become aware of others who do not have the same opportunities as you do.

Thank you!

Susanne thanked the group for all their fascinating questions.Group of students at Verbal