Abridged is an arts magazine, established in 2004 by Suzanne Galbraith and Gregory McCartney and published online and in print.  

The original concept was to riff off the word "Abridged", i.e. something foreshortened, something missing, something incomplete. It would be a "curated space" where poetry, art and design would exist as something more than one illustrating the other. We were influenced more by music than the publishing world.

In fact think of each issue of "Abridged" like a gig where you can lose and find yourself amid the smoke and lights. 

We experiment continually.

We also stray into the exhibition format producing contemporary, innovative, and challenging work. Check out the walls of the Verbal Foyer for regular, rotating exhibitions curated by Gregory McCartney. 

Verbal hosts and provides support for Abridged and is not responsible for the content which may be aimed at an adult audience