Verbal school of journalism (VSJ) offers a highly practical, 2-year courses for A Level students.

These students attend classes at Verbal through Foyle Learning Community.

Verbal School of Journalism helps young people understand and develop journalistic skills to become a successful journalist.

What students learn

We offer A Level students the opportunity learn about the world of journalism, the workings of the media, and its role in our society.

Our courses are more than traditional lessons. They come with solid practical experience of using new skills and technologies in a news-gathering environment.

The students are encouraged to carry out interviews and use their material to write articles which will then form part of their coursework submission.


All students must complete a portfolio which is 60% of their overall mark and undergo an exam which is 40% of their overall mark.

The art of storytelling

Students develop skills in advanced research, the art of storytelling and delivery, and media production using industry standard software. We teach students how to create ethically sensitive, high quality journalism.

Proven track record

Our aim is to equip students with practical skills and multi-media expertise.

They will finish their course with the ability to keep up with the ever-changing face of global journalism.

They will have the confidence and natural authority required to be heard above the rest.

Students at VSJ gain an A Level qualifications that take them to the next stage of their career in media.

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