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Audrey Gillespie, Not Drag, 03.05.18 - 15.06.18

Verbal continues in its support of emerging Derry artists with a new exhibition by Audrey Gillespie.

Gillespie's work revolves around feminism and gender. To categorise it more widely from her other tangents of work, it's all within the LGBTQ+ umbrella.

Expression through makeup

Gillespie's work has taken to questioning expression through makeup. Why people feel the need to paint themselves; how that affects our character; how that affects our lives, relationships, and personal image.

Drag artistry

In her most recent projects, Gillespie has found focus on exploring how makeup affects those of us who partake in it, through drag artistry.

Her interests within drag are the stigmas that come with it, how it creates a safe space out of social normality boundaries., how a new society of women has taken on their spin on embodying a higher sense of female drag, creating spaces for themselves to express alter egos, sexuality and more vulnerable emotions than they would express in the public eye.

Audrey Gillespie, in her own words

As an artist it is important for me to look at the full spectrum of drag and all the different sub cultures of drag. I've been interested in how dominant male drag culture affects those of us who do not fall under such terms as cisgender or male.

The exhibition runs until June 15. For further information call: 028 17266946.

Audrey Gillespie picture

Audrey Gillespie picture