On Friday 21st June Verbal celebrated its own 'Great Get Together' in honour of the Jo Cox Foundation. 

As our project funder, Spirit of 2012, has teamed up with the Jo Cox foundation we welcomed people from across our community of all ages and backgrounds to join in on a fun and enjoyable activity together.

Guests were invited from our local area, old and new from Older People North West, Alexander House, Probation Board of Northern Ireland, Simon Community Northern Ireland, Extern and the Western Trust as well as anyone who saw our social media posts and fancied coming along to see what the day was about. Members of Verbal’s Board also came along to share the day with us. 

At Verbal we believe that every story matters and what better way to celebrate community connections than through our Reading Rooms. The story read was Meera Syal’s 'The Dish with the Dancing Cows’. This story was selected because it demonstrates the power of reaching out and acknowledging the connections that we have with one another, and how that can make our community relationships stronger. It is emotionally engaging, but also witty and contemporary, which makes it the ideal story for a variety of audiences.

The story was a hit for everyone and it wasn’t long before the place was abuzz with noise and laughter with plenty of rich and engaging conversations