We're excited to welcome Alex Keller, our new intern from the US-based HECUA study abroad programme. HECUA offers off-campus academic programs for students in support of movements for social justice, peace, and environmental sustainability. They partner with INCORE (International Conflict Research Institute) at Ulster University's Magee Campus. Students on this programme are placed with local organizations to get first-hand experience of working in the community sector in a post-conflict society. Alex majors in International Studies at St Catherine's University, Minnesota, and will be working with us from Feb 25. As part of her internship she will be working closely with the literature team.


‘Throughout my life,’ Alex says, ‘but especially in my childhood, books provided me with an escape, a support system, and a tutor. From bedtime stories with my mother to ghost stories shared around the fire-pit, storytelling allows us to connect with others, regardless of whether they are physically present or thousands of miles – or years – away. I believe that literature provides an unparalleled opportunity to expand one’s worldview and imagination, and that everyone deserves the opportunity to access the near-infinite possibilities which are available through the written word. I’m thrilled to be spending the spring working with the Verbal to extend those opportunities to an ever-increasing number of individuals, through which they can enrich not only their own lives, but also the lives of their loved ones, their communities, and our shared world.’