Poem of the week is by Nidhi Zak / Aria Eipe called 'Ode/to this day' and is featured in the latest edition of the Honest Ulsterman. To read more from the edition and see more artwork like the image above by Sue Morris from June 2019 issue click here

Ode/to this day

oday I am going out &

my social calendar is generally something to behold.

                                                                                     It was not always like this:

there were days when my spine screamed for lying in bed too long,

listening to one mournful dirge on infinite repeat like Max Richter’s

On the Nature of Daylight, which someone over at Vox proclaimed to be the saddest  

song in the world &

there were days when I was more horizontal than vertical,

as if I were still invertebrate, I hadn’t developed a backbone &

Charles Darwin’s evolutionary bipedal ape-man transitional representational diagram   

meant nothing to me &

there were days when anxiety prowled like a tigress,

feline, awe-ful, frightening & whole nights where

I did nothing except eat over-salted gone-soft nuts & listen for a sound that would  

indicate you had written me &


            haven’t we all been there where

                       one person becomes the world &

                                    thinks the world of you &

                                   haven’t we all danced in secret

                                              in our solo showers &

                                                        leaned over to look out


                                                           of their shit-stained windows &

                                                                        let down our hair

                                                                                     for our own personal princes