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Register now to get free early access to our new digital Storyteller web-app and help boost your child’s emotional wellbeing.

After an in-depth development process, the team at Verbal is preparing to launch its new Storyteller web-app which aims to help parents boost their children’s emotional wellbeing using storytelling and conversation. Before the official launch, we are offering a group of 150 parents and children free early access to Storyteller through our pilot scheme.

We want you to try our digital Storyteller app and tell us about your user-experience. Your feedback is extremely valuable and will help us ensure that Storyteller is not only easy to use, but also having a positive impact on the emotional wellbeing of the children taking part.

What is the Storyteller app?

Storyteller is a web-app-based activity designed to help parents boost their children's emotional wellbeing with a combination of storytelling and targeted conversations. It contains a collection of curated short stories for parents to read to their child, each accompanied with a series of guided, therapeutic questions that are aimed to turn conversations about mental health into a fun and enjoyable experience while engaging your child in a range of topics surrounding mental health.

Naturally we relate to the stories we hear in our own lives. This makes storytelling an effective learning tool. Storyteller uses stories to teach your child about emotional wellbeing and empathy in the most natural and organic way. The app provides parents with an outlet where they can enjoy the experience of reading a great story whilst gaining the reassurance that they are helping their child’s emotional and behavioral wellbeing.

The programme is developed by experts in the fields of Psychology and Literature. Our team has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of mental health and carefully select stories which strive to provide new perspectives towards problems, overcome obstacles and develop your child’s resilience. The web-app gives you an opportunity to set distractions aside and create a well needed safe space where you and your child can openly discuss their thoughts, express their feelings and boost their wellbeing.

Taking part is easy!

If you are a parent or caregiver of a child aged between 8-11 and would like to try Storyteller for yourself, you can sign up for the pilot programme in just a few simple steps:

  • First head over to our website and register for a free account. Make sure to click on the ‘include in pilot’ option.

  • Next we will email you a link to more information about the pilot along with a quick survey for you and your child to complete. Your answers will be handled securely and confidentially.

  • Through your free account, you will have access to 9 Storyteller stories that you can read with your child over a 4-week period.

  • At the end of the 4 weeks, we will send you a second quick survey to complete. You will also be invited to take part in a digital focus group to discuss your Storyteller experience in more detail if you like.

Make sure to sign up for your free account before Monday 22nd February to participate in the pilot. If you would like to take part but have missed the sign-up date, you can still make a Storyteller account and send your feedback via email at: [email protected]