Our Third Space Belfast group have been working together for the past 20 weeks, sharing their stories and meeting new people. As part of their programme, the group has been acquiring new skills in digital storytelling and video production. On Monday 2nd December, we saw all their hard work come together with a special screening of their completed short film. 

This excellent piece of work addresses issues that are important to them. They shared their feelings about school, youth culture and social life in Belfast. One of the participants, Adam, talking openly about his scoliosis illness and upcoming operation. Adam focused on how he gets through the result stress with help from his friends. 

It was a wonderful evening of celebration, with keyworker Cathy asking the participants what they thought of their time with the project: the group described it as ‘life changing’, and said how they loved getting hands on with the filming and editing side of the project. 

Miles, one of the participants, felt the production of the film was “really fluid” and particular liked the music used, remarking that it “complimented what people were saying”. Conchur enjoyed the music as well and felt that “everyone spoke well” in the piece.  

Rachel, Extern keyworker, noted that “everyone had their own personality coming out” and that “the young people were really honest”, hoping that people “will be impressed by how well they spoke. She also commented how nice it was to hear Adam’s story as the group were connected to him in their support.

Belfast Arts Coordinator, Colin noted now back at the start of the summer, we begun with a bunch of strangers in a room. Over the past five months, he has seen friendships form, with the group progressing and maturing throughout. 

Everyone loved seeing their hard work come to life in the film, and are saddened to be coming to the end of their time at Third Space. They are all looking forward to their next residential trip to finish off their programme, and we wish them all better for their future!