The recent seminar hosted by Verbal and My Home Life about connecting care homes to their communities, took as a theme: helping residents connect with places, people, and passions.

We all have things we'd love to do, given the chance, and it is no different for older people in residential care. 

Impossible wishes?

One of the stories we have used in Reading Rooms is 'Faith and Hope go shopping' by Joanne Harris. It is about two women living in a care home who want things that seem inappropriate and of no use to them. Faith yearns for a pair of red, high-heeled shoes, even though she is unable to walk and uses a wheelchair. Hope wants to read Nabokov's book Lolita, even though she is blind.

Does it matter? Not in the world of the story. The ladies have an adventure in London in pursuit of their wishes.

Ice a cake with a baker and go to an operaReading Rooms wishes

Verbal's project officer for older people, Sinead Devine, has been asking care home residents to share some of their wishes. It opened up detailed conversations about interests, dreams, and curiosity about the world, which will help to strengthen relationships between residents, volunteers, and care home staff.