During COVID-19 lockdown your child may feel isolated from friends. We are inviting children aged 8-12 to join a digital Reading Room. Up to 8 children can take part in an online conversation based on stories in the WellRead app.

WellRead uses storytelling and psychology to help children express their own feelings and learn more about the feelings of the people around them.

Children can link to video groups through Zoom or join by phone using a freephone number. Sessions will last for approximately 45 minutes.

Digital Reading Rooms are guided by a trained WellRead volunteer who will read the stories and start the conversations. All volunteers have safeguarding training and Access NI certification.

It is easy to take part in WellRead digital Reading Rooms here is how

  • Simply click the time and date that suits you and your child and register for the event

  • You will be sent an email which will give you an online link to connect to the digital Reading Room through Zoom and further details regarding child protection. If you want to join by phone, and not via Zoom, the dial-in details and freephone number are in the email.

  • Enjoy!