Our contributors

We are looking for a panel of contributors to help us build our programmes. The people we are looking for are avid readers who understand the power of stories to enlighten and inspire. You don’t have to have a degree in literature to contribute, but we need you to have an understanding of aspects of narrative such as exposition and climax.

You will be asked to submit a story along with some extra information such as when it was published. The submission portal will contain specific information as to what we are looking for, such as the age group we are targeting. You can submit multiple stories as long as they all fit the brief. You can also submit again when another call goes out, whether or not your story was accepted last time. We are currently looking for original stories and stories which are in the public domain. Successful contributors will be paid a fee of £15 on confirmation that their submission has been accepted.


Please read the contributor guidelines and terms and conditions before submission 


Once you are ready, click here to submit a story to Reading Rooms