World mental health day logoAs World Mental Health Day is recognised across the globe, Verbal promotes the use of literature to help improve people’s well-being.

Transportive storytelling

The transportive storytelling model that we use in Reading Rooms offers a safe space for conversations to happen.
Through sharing high-quality literature, participants are encouraged to talk about their own experiences and thoughts.
We use low-impact cognitive behavioural therapy methods to measure improvements in key areas such as empathy, resilience, and mental wellbeing

Measurable outcomes

Analysis with children and young people who took part in a Reading Rooms programme shows that

33% are more optimistic about their future; 50% feel more confident dealing with problems; 42% report higher self-esteem, and 83% said their mental health and wellbeing had improved

The Verbal programme

The year round Verbal programme is delivered in partnership with third sector organisations, statutory agencies, schools, and key stakeholders. We collectively bring the potential of storytelling in all its forms to life in our communities.
Through projects such as Listen, Share, Change delivered in partnership with the Housing Executive, Beyond the Walls and Third Space delivered in partnership with Extern, Verbal will reach over 800 young people at risk in criminal justice, care and cross-community settings.

Postive engagement

Our creative intervention programme encourages participants to live, learn, and socialise together, free from many of the daily pressures they face.
Andy Warmington, Reading Rooms Outreach Officer at Verbal said:
‘Mental Health issues are on the rise right across the community. At Verbal we believe every story matters – that everyone should have opportunities to tell their story and have it listened to by others. By sharing our stories in a safe space, we can explore challenging subjects and make a meaningful impact on each others lives.’
For more information contact Andy Warmington