As well as artefacts representing the building's history as a school, the Library displays commissioned art work and furniture.

Collage of stained glass celebrating Irelands four nobel laureates for literature

In the image above, Ireland's contribution to world literature is celebrated in etched, stained glass panels. They celebrate four Nobel Laureates and twenty-four significant writers from in and around the North West.

Michael Bell made the curvilinear table and chairs which evoke the shape of a long boat and echo sea voyages in Irish legend and mythology.

A painting of the building above the fireplace in the Library by Martin Mooney was commissioned with the help of The Honourable The Irish Society.

Martin Mooney painting of Verbal Arts Centre

A carving scrolled across the top of the library's bookcases reads 'The genius of mankind is the property of the common people' and it is represented in a collage below.