The BEST programme utilises the power of storytelling and psychology to address specific challenges faced by autistic children and their families.

The project has been co-designed and developed in consultation with individuals with lived experience including children, parents, mental health professionals, advocacy support groups and statutory providers ensuring that the programme is tailored to the unique needs of the autism community.

The project will be delivered through three distinct strands that have been identified and tested by our lived experience co-designers.

Strand 1: Enhancing Understanding and Awareness in Maintain stream schools – 6 weekly stories with wellbeing toolkits that tack misconceptions, stigmatisation and social isolation for autistic children. Aimed at primary school teachers in Mainstream education.

Strand 2: Building Resilience and Emotional Coping Skills – 2 stories with wellbeing toolkits that will support autistic children’s mental health, social functioning and overall wellbeing.  Aimed at special educational needs teachers or health professionals can be delivered as 1-2-1 or groups sessions.

Strand 3: Supporting Parental Wellbeing – 1 bedtime story with toolkits to improve the wellbeing of parents by enabling their children to develop better sleep health and manage their behaviours. Aimed at parents/guardians delivered at home.

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