LOCATION: Greater Belfast, North-West (Derry/Londonderry) and South-West (Fermanagh/Donegal/Cavan) regions

Third Space was a project supported through €3.99m of EU funding under the European Union's Peace IV programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB)

The Third Space project aimed to positively transform the lives of 800 young people aged between 14-24, who have been identified as being vulnerable and at risk, and allowing those from different communities, cultural, and religious backgrounds, and rural areas, to undertake a personalised self-development and training programme.

This cross-border project was delivered in conjunction with partner agency Extern. The project operated across Northern Ireland, Cavan and Donegal.

As part of the 26-week programme, which was open to young people already on a range of benefits and allowances, participants were offered the opportunity to meet new people, take part in residentials, and participate in shared reading experiences. In addition, they acquired new skills in video production, and gained an OCN qualification.

A key focus of the project was to help highly vulnerable young people to:

  • Reduce social isolation
  • Develop a deeper sense of community awareness within their communities
  • Successfully negotiate and manage a programme of personal development for themselves, supported by qualified staff.

Match-funding for the project was provided by the Northern Ireland Executive and the Department of Children and Youth Affairs in Ireland.