Please tell us about your reasons for referring a young person to Reading Rooms Project?

As a community we are always looking for projects that will engage our residents.  Rachel from the Reading Rooms approached us and we were delighted to participate in the project.  Initially I wondered how many would sign up for the project but was pleasantly surprised at the interest.  I think Rachel now has of 5 or 6, all of whom enjoy the reading and discussion of the group.  The feedback from our residents is very positive and I think a few are surprised at how much they enjoy the activity.


What impact has Reading Rooms had on this young person?

Might be a bit early to answer this question but the fact that our residents are participating in the project is a positive.  Not only participating but enjoying the group.  As far as I am aware they are contributing to discussions that arise from the reading material and engaging in the project.  This is excellent news, as it can be difficult to find activities that some of our young people will engage with. 


Do you feel that Reading Rooms has increased this young person’s ability to express themselves (in your group setting)?

Rachel tells me that the group does engage well in conversations which arise from the reading material.  This is great, as some of our residents would find it difficult to verbally express ideas and opinions in a group setting.

I hope that this is a skill that they can take from the Reading Room and apply to everyday situations.

Has Reading Rooms increased this young person’s interest in reading?    

The Reading Rooms has definitely increased the group’s interest in literature.  They enjoy the pieces being read to them. As the group progresses, I am hopeful that they will start to find their own reading material to read outside of the Reading Room.