Verbal Wellbeing is the solution you've been looking for. Our evidence-based programmes, developed using scientifically proven principles such as cognitive behavioural therapy and social learning theory, provide a unique combination of engaging short story collections and therapy-based questions to spark insightful and reflective conversations about mental and emotional well-being.

Our flexible, self-serve delivery platform with a customised user dashboard enables you to monitor, analyse, and report participants' emotional and mental well-being, helping you to tailor your work to their needs. With our programmes, we provide the framework, language, and content to equip educators, coaches, and leaders with the practical tools to facilitate purposeful conversations and build sustainable emotional well-being habits that last a lifetime.

By using our evidence-based model, we have seen a significant improvement in mental well-being, emotional problems, behavioural problems, resilience, and feelings of closeness to others. Join us in our mission to promote emotional well-being and resilience, and help individuals of all ages thrive in life and learning.