Seldom heard voices is a programme of activities that creates a dedicated safe space. It combines creative, verbal arts, skills-based learning and employment opportunities. It is aimed at young people at risk or in care, and young people showing signs of educational disaffection.

The programme supports these young people to co-create and co-produce their own stories with key public sector stakeholders on a sustainable basis.

Insights for decision makers

We help decision makers to see the world through the eyes of at risk, marginalised, or vulnerable young people, children, and families.

We provide the insights and data that government agencies and policy makers need to improve service delivery and improve the lives of those most in need.

Programme aims

The aims of the Seldom heard voices programme are to influence and improve service provision to young people generally, and those at risk or in care specifically, by:

  • Providing accredited, creative, verbal arts skills-based qualifications for young people
  • Establishing publishing channels for seldom heard voices to be heard and listened to by statutory agencies
  • Enabling public sector agencies to see the world through the stories and insights of young people and families at risk, marginalised, or vulnerable

Project areas

Seldom heard voices (experts by experience) is divided into the project areas of:

  1. The third space
  2. Verbal school of journalism
  3. Changing lives - Upcoming programme. Check back for more information