The Honest Ulsterman is the name of a long running Northern Ireland literary magazine created in 1968 by the Derry born poet James Simmons. It was also edited by the Belfast poet Frank Ormsby and lasted around 30 years in a print edition. It was recreated in 2014 by Verbal as a digital magazine with a new editor Gregory McCartney. He has maintained the founding spirit of the HU as a place where Northern Irish writers are profiled alongside poets, prose-writers and critics from around the world. Online it has continued to offer a platform to writers, prioritising hearing from writers themselves rather than second-hand through reviews and offering an eclectic mix of articles, interviews, visual art and an open submission call.

We're also aware of how popular the original Honest Ulsterman was, and we've made the original printed edition available free to read online at in pdf format. It's the centre of HUMAN (Honest Ulsterman Magazine Archive Network,) an archive of mostly defunct small Irish literary magazines which editor Greg adds to regularly.