Every Saturday morning from 11am, there is a gathering of Little Legends at Eason in Foyleside shopping centre

Reading with young children

In partnership with Foyleside shopping centre in Derry/Londonderry and the book store Eason, Little Legends is a weekly reading programme with children.

Within Eason, we create an inclusive, safe, and nurturing environment for children to engage, flourish, and develop by listening to stories and poems read aloud.

An adventure inside the book

What makes Little Legends special is that our facilitator takes the children on an imaginative journey inside the book. We look at characters, settings, dialogue, and we encourage the children to enter into the world of the story. This helps each child to understand the story.

Little Legends pirate

They become the characters and speak the different parts. They find their own voice and build confidence and self-esteem

Get involved

If your child would like to be part of Little Legends, register at Foyleside shopping centre on a Saturday morning, or contact us at Verbal