About Amy

Amy is a student with Eotas Strabane. She is currently an intern with Verbal. This was one of her favourite stories that she completed as part of our Reading Rooms programme.

The Ultimate Safari 

The story is told through the eyes of a young girl. She is the middle child. She has an older brother and younger baby brother. Her father is fighting in the war and never came back home, and they don’t know what happened to him. Then her mother went missing after going to the shop, she thinks that she might have been killed but she still hopes and believes that their mother is alive.

Their grandmother and grandfather come to get them, and they have to travel far to try and find a safe place to live, along the way they get lost but they endure it all though the strength of themselves and their grandmother.

What Amy thought

I enjoyed The Ultimate Safari, it is a powerful story that tells you the struggles of people that live in a country occupied with war and fighting. The story gives you an insight to what some people go through on day to day basis. Sometimes we take for granted that the simplest things in life can change somebody else’s life.