VERBAL is the only artistic/cultural organisation of its kind on the island of Ireland, working through storytelling and the language arts to support positive mental health, resilience and cross-community dialogue in areas of high-level sectarianism, community conflict, deprivation and marginalisation.

We employ a multi-disciplinary approach, integrating digital technology, literature, psychology, and creativity to break down barriers.

We collaborate with various statutory and non-statutory sectors, including social housing communities, health & social care (specifically in the area of mental health & emotional wellbeing) criminal justice and care for older people. Our vision is a world where every story matters, and everyone has access to the resources and opportunities to tell their story regardless of ability, background, or circumstances.

Our mission is to enhance well-being among individuals and communities through our innovative approach to storytelling. We create high-quality, inclusive, evidence-based programmes that promote positive mental health, challenge the assumptions & prejudices of everyday life, shine a light on the “unseen” life circumstances of the vulnerable and marginalised, encourage reconsideration of what is 'taken for granted' and “give voice” to new and better ways to improve quality of life.

Our work is divided into 4 departments: Co-Production, Digital delivery, Research & Publishing.