Nothing short of a transformation

Literature can transform people’s lives. 

In a Reading Rooms session, we read with a view to starting conversations; we share a sense of connection in a challenging world.

Materials are carefully curated to meet the needs of each group or one-to-one session.

The aim of all Reading Rooms remains the same. We engage hearts and minds in potentially transformational ways.

Curating the literature

A typical session includes the shared reading of one piece of prose and one poem. These can be thematically linked in one way or another. But the links that participants make are where the magic lies.

We use local authors and international literature, including translated works. We read the classics and also new and emerging voices.

Authors our readers love

Some of the most popular authors include Anton Chekhov, Moyra Donaldson, Karen Joy Fowler, Seamus Heaney, Tove Jansson, Claire Keegan, Bernie McGill, Roger McGough, Mary Oliver, George Orwell, Rainer Maria Rilke, and Leo Tolstoy.


Our readers are diverse and we select material that is accessible and engaging. We scan reviews, anthologies, literary festivals, and awards shortlists to pick up on writers who tap into contemporary understanding.

Writers (and readers) have a lot to say

If our readers are wrestling with a dilemma, we will find a writer who has something interesting to say about it.

We have introduced literary perspectives on issues such as social isolation, bullying, disability, families, poverty, migration, freedom, and many others.