Michael takes part in Reading Friends at Owen Mor Care Centre in Derry/Londonderry. 

What is great about Reading Friends?

Reading Friends caught Michael’s imagination from the beginning and he looks forward to Monday afternoons. He first meets Reading Friends volunteer Gerry for a 1:1 session and then joins the group.

'I’m happy to say that I don’t feel inhibited in either sphere', says Michael. 'I rather like to think that I am exercised in both those sessions.'

The scope of literature

Michael says Reading Friends is like the curate’s egg – he enjoys it in parts.

Michael is currently interested in trans-Atlantic literature saying that it is 'more than likely pastures untrodden for me, and that must be one of the key facets of my preference.'

We recently read 'The Compartment' a short story by the American writer, Raymond Carver. Michael particularly enjoyed it, saying that it 'sort of helped me soar on the gossamer wings of imagination.'

Keeping an open mind

What is the best part of Reading Friends for Michael? 'We are what we are. Happy to be thrown together. To explore issues in an open-minded sort of way keeps me happy.'